Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning


The objective of carpet cleaning is to remove by extraction the greasy soil that a vacuum cleaner cannot remove. The soil is usually a combination of greases, sticky residues and staining. It is also most likely that the soil has penetrated into the carpet pile; otherwise a standard vacuum cleaner would be able to cope quite adequately with lighter soils.

Our carpet cleaning operatives are trained and certified by Prochem

We are able to offer stain removal, cleaning and maintenance of all woven, non-woven, bound and other types of carpet, soft floor coverings and upholsteries. Our comprehensive knowledge in the correct use and application of cleaning chemicals, solutions and protective chemical treatments together with a general understanding of the pH scale ensures we are able to get the best possible results every time!

We have a practical recognition of all fibres currently being used in the carpet manufacturing industry together with an understanding of their reactions to the recommended cleaning methods and dye and fibre stability testing. 


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