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We are able to offer a high quality window cleaning service using fully trained operatives from the BWCA - The British Window Cleaning Academy. We operate using two distinct methods; Traditional and Water-Fed Pole System using filtered water.water fed pole system

The Traditional method involves using ladders and squeegees. The windows, once cleaned, are typically dried and buffed to a high quality finish using specialist microfibre technology.

The Water-Fed Pole involves filtered water pumped through a telescopic brush. The windows do not require the need for a squeegee or cloth to dry them. This method means a safer working environment as it is operated from ground level omitting the use of ladders. It also means that we are able to access windows that would otherwise be inaccessible using the traditional method.

Regardless of which method is chosen, we will always using pure water filtered to within 3 parts per million TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). As a result, this ensures that windows will dry to a streak free finish as there is hardly anything in the water to leave those dreaded water marks.

Interior windows are cleaned using the same methods, although for high level and hard to reach windows instead of brush on the end of a Water-Fed Pole, we would use a microfibre cloth and a very fine mist.

The system we operate is a Pure FreedomĀ® 50 Litre Trolley. This allows our operators to go longer between changing containers and is suited to areas where vehicle access is restricted and long hoses cannot be used. With this system we do not need to connect to a customers supply, we carry all our own filtered water ready for use. The system has a Powerful 100psi Shurflo pump which will easily feed a pole up  80ft.

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