Environmental Policy


Here at Hatfield House Cleaning Services, we are dedicated to providing an ecologically sound service with low carbon emissions and minimal impact on the environment.

From bio-degradable detergents and ozone-friendly CFC gas free spray polish, to paper products manufactured from recycled fibers, environmentally friendly products are available and used where ever possible.

As you may or may not know; up to 98%of all liquid cleaning chemicals can be water, consequently we reduce our stock need by buying chemicals in concentrate formula and diluting them ourselves; this not only reduces packaging and carbon emissions for transportation but means our applicators and spray bottles are all reused.

At the other end of our operation, any waste leftover from our work is processed on site; removing the vast majority of recyclables. This includes cardboard, plastics, paper, glass and most metal objects going away to our nominated contractor instead of landfill. Specialist recyclables such as toner cartridges and halogen light bulbs have their own dedicated recovering methods and any waste that is able to be composted, is.

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our ecological efficiency; from paper free correspondence to replacing paper towels with reusable cloths, the smallest change helps.

Green cleaning does matter. That's why we are committed at working very closely with our suppliers so that we are able to meet this growing ecological need by providing quality green cleaning services.

We promise to constantly search for new ways to reduce our environmental impact while simultaneously bringing you the best cleaning we can.

Colin Hendon

Head of HH Cleaning

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